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Mweso: A Chwezi game in modern times

Jinja Nile Resort is not all that... To the baganda it is omweso, to basoga its vulumula, the Luo in northern Uganda call it ascoro or soro, the Itesots call it amwesor , coro in the Lango region and the Rwandese call it ekibuguzo.

Women MPs want help in fighting teenage pregnancies

Women MPs Want Help In Fighting Teenage Pregnancies Legislators Sarah Nyombi, Peter Okeyoh (Bukholi Island) ,Sylvia Namabidde (Mityana) and Hude Alelu (Yumbe) under the Umbrella Network of African Parliamentarians and Ministers on Maternal Health (NAWMP) Uganda chapter, embarking on a campaign to engage men in the fight against teenage pregnancies country wide. MPs under the umbrella body...

London diary: Ebola is really no joking subject!

Jal Paddy,As you read this, there is a possibility the UK borders may be closed to travellers flying in directly from the Ebola-affected areas of West Africa.

NRM Youth Tighten Rope Around Mbabazi's Neck

Main Topix: Uganda National Students Association - NRM Disciplinary Committee Chairman
PM Mbabazi Receives His Portrait From Kanungu District Councillors Who Bought It At 4 Million Shillings Recently, Asking Him To Stand For President In 2016 The NRM youth appear determined to humiliate and expel embattled Secretary General Amama Mbabazi from the ruling party, the latest move being a resolution demanding that the once powerful ‘super minister’ faces a disciplinary committee for undermining the party chairman President Museveni and working covertly to promote his presidential...

Catholic Catechist Hangs Himself

A Catholic Church leader in Lamwo district has committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree branch at the compound of another catechist.

300 War Survivors to Sit UBTEB Exams in Pader

In shortThe students include former LRA abductees, teenage mothers, young women with disabilities and former sex workers who have embraced vocational trainings for alternative livelihoods.