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Government Sued Over Nodding Disease Negligence

Nodding disease or Syndrome in northern Uganda has so far killed 200 children and more than 4000 other affected according world Health organisation.

Global prospects good for soybean farmers

Ms Maggie Kigozi tends soybean in a garden. Farmers should take advantage of the growing demand for soybean by increasing on their yields.

Kiyonga Defends Brig Muhoozi

Brig Muhoozi Attending The International Special Operations Forces (ISOF) Conference In Florida, United States Recently Tempers flared in Parliament Monday morning with Parliament’s Defence Committee and Defence Ministry officials engaging in heated exchanges over promotion of UPDF soldiers and the war in South Sudan.

Baby rhino excites Uganda's sanctuary

Bella and her baby Luna at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola District. Bella and her three-month old daughter Luna look unbothered by the scores of curious eyes and whispers of human beings in their vicinity.

Lamwo Residents Using Donkey Brains to Treat Epilepsy

Several children in the northern Uganda districts of Kitgum, Lamwo and Pader were diagnosed with Epilepsy at the peak of the nodding syndrome region about two years ago....

Fashion show funds to rehabilitate former child soldiers

Money collected from the fashion show organised by I am Somebody’s Child Soldier, an NGO, will be used to finance education of ex-child soldiers.

Police to Re-introduce Bus Check Points

The Wreckage Of  The Gaagaa Bus That Killed More Than 8 People On Monday The Police Commissioner in charge of traffic, Dr. Steven Kasiima has urged all road users to be vigilant and care for their lives as they all join in the fight against road accidents in the country.