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West Nile Marks 100 Years after Becoming Part of Uganda

On Monday, the West Nile marked 100 years since the region became part of Uganda. The celebration where President Museveni was Guest of Honor were held at Arua Hill Boma grounds. W

Desire Organises Charity Concert

Music diva desire has organised a concert to provide for needy children. In a press conference convened Tuesday at Club Silk Ocean, Desire Luzinda revealed to journalists that the

Yung Mulo Survives Fatal Car Accident

Yung Mulo, one of Uganda’s fast rising Dancehall artistes yesterday evening survived a fatal car accident in Moyo District that claimed the life of his manager identified as John

Mao: I would never take a Museveni job

Nobert Mao has arguably been one of the most brilliant MPs among the current crop of politicians. He served two terms and retired, to become Gulu district chairperson and then pres
  • Red Pepper
    Radio Manager Fired For Hosting Muntu, Mao And Besigye

Convict Kazinda returns to court

The Anti-Corruption court is hearing a case in which Geoffrey Kazinda, a former principal accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister, and three others are accused of abuse of o

Police Moves to Ban Clan Corporal Punishment

Main Topix: Director Of Criminal Investigation - Inspector General Of Police
Police in Northern Uganda has called for a ban on corporal punishment carried out by clans stating that it is not a right way to promote justice and morality in the society. Mbale

Committee observes shortfalls in health care delivery

Main Topix: Achievements Registered By The Department Of National Guidande 1 - Department Of Policy Implementation And Coordination
A Parliamentary Committee has observed a near breakdown of health services in the three districts of Lira, Oyam and Gulu in northern Uganda, and provided wide ranging recommendatio
  • ChimReports
    Policy Coordination, Monitoring And Evaluation
  • Red Pepper
    Govt Fails To Allocate Money To Buy Hospital Mattresses