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EXCLUSIVE: Gen Sejusa Resistance Coalition Movement Crumbles

Main Topix: Coordinator Of Intelligence Organs - The London School Of Economics
Exiled fugitive Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, Gen David Sejusa is sad and blue after the split of a resistance movement he formed with Ugandans in Diaspora last year, Chimp Corps exclusively report.

Janet: We Are Determined to Transform Karamoja

The Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) policy committee has strongly recommended that a successor program for PRDP 2 and its projects including Northern Uganda Social Action Fund 2 and agriculture livelihoods programme be designed to continue addressing the socio-economic challenges still prevailing in Northern Uganda and Karamoja. PRDP...
  • The Monitor
    Norway uses money recovered from OPM to build classrooms

Museveni to north: Emulate Gleeson

The Australian spent several years in Acholi sub-region at the height of the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency in which hundreds of people were killed.
  • ChimReports
    EXCLUSIVE: Mbabazi Supporters Arrested Over Kanungu Fire

Hepatitis: The silent killer

As the world celebrates the World Hepatitis Day on July 28, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging governments, policy makers, health workers and the public to “think again” about this silent killer.
  • Ugo News
    Gov't To Enforce Law That Bans Skin Lightening Chemicals

Norway builds 23 schools in Acholi region

Nabisunsa students honour Mandela on 96th birthday... The Norwegian government has asked the Ugandan Government to take over the community schools it helped improve and urged the community to make use of the schools.
  • The Monitor
    Ssemivule solved the water crisis at King's College Budo

Government free to develop any area, says MP

Last week, rowdy youth in Lakang mounted logs in the middle of the road to block Kilak County MP Gilbert Olanya from meeting the residents.

Artist Launches Websites to Fight Hepatitis B

A Ugandan female artist JAQ Deweyi, has launched a new website at in a bid to curb the spread and death related to Hepatitis B through music campaign.