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We owe Uganda's health workers boundless gratitude

On Tuesday evening, I ran into one of my elementary school classmates, a pharmacist with both Hospice and the Cancer Society.

Bitter lessons from old Ebola frontline in Uganda

Main Topix: Disease Control And Prevention - World Health Organization
No fresh cases of Ebola-like Marburg virus - health... Officials from the World Health Organization wearing protective gear against the Ebola virus as they prepare to enter Kagadi Hospital in Kibale district during the 2012 outbreak of the deadly virus.

Opposition MPs call for deployment of army in Moyo

The legislators say reports from locals indicate police have not performed their duties in protecting citizens of the region.

Mweso: A Chwezi game in modern times

Jinja Nile Resort is not all that... To the baganda it is omweso, to basoga its vulumula, the Luo in northern Uganda call it ascoro or soro, the Itesots call it amwesor , coro in the Lango region and the Rwandese call it ekibuguzo.

Muhoozi Breaks Silence on Calls to Stand for President

Main Topix: South African National Defense College - Kalama Armored Warfare Training School
SFC Commander, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba With Some Of The Commandos Passed Out Recently To Take On Al Shabaab In Somalia Special Forces Commander, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba has for the first time spoken out extensively on his future plans and growing calls from the youth to stand for President in 2021.

Women MPs want help in fighting teenage pregnancies

Women MPs Want Help In Fighting Teenage Pregnancies Legislators Sarah Nyombi, Peter Okeyoh (Bukholi Island) ,Sylvia Namabidde (Mityana) and Hude Alelu (Yumbe) under the Umbrella Network of African Parliamentarians and Ministers on Maternal Health (NAWMP) Uganda chapter, embarking on a campaign to engage men in the fight against teenage pregnancies country wide. MPs under the umbrella body...