Bukedde TV Agataliko Nfufu Lied to Ugandans about Oldest Woman in the World

Wednesday 6th February, 2013 on Uganda News Picks

On May 22nd, 2011 Bukedde TV on their Agataliko Nfunfu News gave very wrong information about the existence of the oldest woman in world in a Uganda Village. Very many Ugandans were existed with the news not knowing that it was a real hoax. Ever since Bukedde TV begun broadcasting their Agataliko Nfufu News, many people have had doubts about some of the news stories which are read.

This time, luck was not on Bukedde Tv’s side, the story they read about the oldest woman in Uganda and probably the world has been discovered to be a fake one. According to the story, the woman known as Thereza is 149 years old, her two surviving children are 70 and 72 years.

This is where the real problem is, if she is 150 years old and the children are 70 and 72 it means that she got those children when she was 150 – 70 = 80 years old! It is really impossible that some one of eighty years can give birth. Pictures/ Photos of Conjoined/Siamese Twins.

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